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ICT Infrastructure

The Challenge:

Many funeral businesses are located in rural areas, which brings many challenges not found in urban environments. Electricity supply is absent or unreliable and internet access may be non-existent or intermittent.
This lack of infrastructure makes implementing a technology-based solution challenging.

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Our Solution:

Empowerment Group's approach to operating a professional and efficient business is unique in the industry in that they assist with assessing the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) needs of the business, and sourcing and maintaining the relevant ICT hardware required to run the insurance and funeral service business - a 'business in a box' including computers, scanners, document and receipt printers, fingerprint readers and advertising screens, as well as the necessary consumables such as paper and ink.

Hardware is of little use without a reliable electricity supply and internet connection, so Empowerment Group undertakes to develop a customised plan for each branch of the business to ensure 'Always On' electricity using remote monitoring, battery backup and solar panels where necessary, as well as 'Always On' internet connectivity through the use of LTE masts and boosters providing unlimited data for the use of the business.

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